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Biographisches Evangelium des Herrn von der Zeit an, da Joseph Mariam zu sich nahm. Durch das Innere Wort empfangen von Jakob Lorber. (1843 - 1851) - Jesus selbst erzählt die Weihnachtsgeschichte.

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Jesus reveals the true Christmas Story to Jacob Lorber 1843 - 1851 (The Jacobs Gospel) 

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NEU: Das Buch des Wahren Lebens  jetzt  alle 12 Bände auch in englisch online und als Audio 

 NEW: The Book of True Life now all 26 volumes online and audio

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Die Gesegneten 

Gesegnet sind all Jene, die ihre Häupter gen Himmel richten und ununterbrochen aufschauen in Erwartung des Kommens Des Herrn… Sie werden sicherlich gegangen sein von diesem Ort ..........

Die Gesegneten (Video)



The Blessed 

Blessed are all those who turn their heads to the sky and keep looking up in anticipation of the coming of the Lord ... They will surely have left this place ..........

The blessed (Video)

Danke - Die Armee Jesu 

Ich verdiene dich nicht Gott
Aber du liebst mich trotzdem weiter.
Oh, du würdest niemals aufhören, mich zu lieben, Gott.....

 Thank you - Jesus Army (Video)

I don't deserve you God
But you still love me further.
Oh, you would never stop loving me, God .....

Der Göttliche Barmherzigkeits-Rosenkranz

Dies ist das Gebet, welches der Vater liebt, dass wir es beten sollen. 

Anhören und mitsingen!




The Chaplet of divine mercy in song 

This is the prayer the Father loves us to pray

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Lieder zur Ehre Gottes - YouTube - 

Playlist - verschiedene Lieder, gesungen zur Ehre Gottes 

Various songs, sung to the glory of God 

Einmal werden wir versammelt in der Luft ...  

Ein Lied für die Endzeit, in der wir uns befinden.  

Die geistige Kriegsführung - der Herr erklärt die Waffen des Feindes und wie wir siegreich sein können und müssen !!! 

Es ist der Weg des Lichtes, den es mit Entschlossenheit zu gehen gilt, nicht mit dem Schwert, aber mit den Waffen des Geistes, dem zweischneidigen Wort Gottes in Demut und Liebe und im Gehorsam gegenüber dem göttlichen Gesetz und im Hören auf die Stimme des Gewissens, das ist die Stimme Gottes im Geist des Menschen. 

Deutsch: 76 Videos (youTube) - Playlist über geistige Kriegsführung mit den Waffen des Lichtes 

zur Playlist geht es      H I E R  !! 

The most beautiful AVE MARIA you've ever heard:

You raise me up - 

Passion ofthe Christ clipes with Selah's great vocals added

PSALM 51 - english 

The second coming on the clouds of Jesus Christ  


The 7-year tribulation period is here

Veröffentlicht am 20.02.2021

A.M. Hosta  -   1/18/2019 - from my book WIND - Quote:

Paul Begley recounts a dream he had: video 'Last days'.

He was looking from a gallery at an individual striding down the hall through the rows of people present, eyeing them all. Jesus comes to him and tells him that this is the Antichrist choosing his leaders, 10 leaders who have no kingdom and yet rule the earth.

This is the Obama Foundation, which was established in September 2017.

Obama Inauguration: Obama gave his first speech there - at his inauguration of the Obama Foundation with leaders from around the world to establish the New World Order.

At the same time, on 9/23/2017 the sign Revelation 12 also appeared - the Virgin clothed with the Sun over Jerusalem. A red cow (Red Heifer) was chosen for the Third Temple by the representatives of the teaching of false light, the son of perdition to be sacrificed to God in the Third Temple, which is a sin. In 2017, the sign of the Figtree also appeared - the sign that God is coming to spiritually beget His Son, who is also Spirit and not matter.

Rift in America

When the earth splits and opens a chasm, as with Korah in Numbers 16, who defied and rebelled against Moses and the divine commands, so that the earth opened in a rift and swallowed Korah and his followers . God divides Trump's land accordingly.

"Then when they see this they know they are resisting MY laws."

In the west, land is breaking away (at the Andreas Fault) and sinking into the sea; in the east, they will see water, a megatsunami that will cover the coastal areas.

The Lamb rules the world !

Jesus said last night:

"Midnight. Take a look."

This is what he meant.

Prophecy Unfolds: "Omen Of The Super Blood Moon" Harbinger For America


And he said:

"Realize, you were the one who taught them through the teachings. Now they are being purified. The Antichrist holds the number of death. (6-6-6) The lunar eclipse on the Blood Moon is Satan to cause the seismic event and trigger the tsunami responsible for the purification. An asteroid will soon hit and lead to warlike actions and the soldiers will escort the people and lead them into captivity."

"There will be mass evacuations and higher spiritual beings will also be affected."

Anna Maria wakes up early in the morning to a dream, but she can't remember exactly what the dream was.

There were many people and they were looking at a newspaper article that talked about there being a winner and it is this one who will be elevated to the service of a king and it is done out of genuine love.

And Jesus said:


At this, Anna Maria is slightly shaken inside. It is so that it is the earth that is shaken. Then he says, "I'm sorry I didn't tell you. Germany will be spared."

Anna Maria thinks: I accept your judgment because I have sinned. But I have the feeling that you want to tell me something. I accept your judgment. I have sinned.

"The Bridegroom comes and rules from Germany. It is love."

It is love.

"Seven years, from now on, the Lamb will direct a seven-year period where they will be purified.

I will bind Satan and the Antichrist (materialism) will rule the world."

The Lamb rules the world.

Beloved Father and Savior, who guides and leads all, if you guide me, your plans will succeed. You knew me before I was in my mother's womb and there you already knew everything that will be when you rule wisely and graciously from Germany and we work together, you on the spiritual plane and I here on earth.

In the 7-year period of purification (70 years of the State of Israel - festival time - time of purification = natural spectacles.).

"Trump is coming again."

Will he be elected again as president to a second term, while at the same time the Antichrist, who has no kingdom, rules the world from the background and the purification rituals and the harvest of souls are on his account ??!

In October 2019, the Father Anna Maria said: the Tribulation has begun. (namely on 1/18/2019)

 "This was not a fruit from a neighbor's garden. This was a divine fruit." (The  fig tree)

On 2.5.2020 (from LUCIDA) the Father says to me:

"Soon I will proclaim the new LIGHT."

"Jerusalem "

(In the third temple in Jerusalem ... the Antichrist.... in the middle of the tribulation period ... Who will follow him?)

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