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Gesegnet sind all Jene, die ihre Häupter gen Himmel richten und ununterbrochen aufschauen in Erwartung des Kommens Des Herrn… Sie werden sicherlich gegangen sein von diesem Ort ..........

Die Gesegneten (Video)

Blessed are all those who turn their heads to the sky and keep looking up in anticipation of the coming of the Lord ... They will surely have left this place ..........

The blessed (Video)

Ich verdiene dich nicht Gott
Aber du liebst mich trotzdem weiter.
Oh, du würdest niemals aufhören, mich zu lieben, Gott.....

Thank you - Jesus Army (Video)

I don't deserve you God
But you still love me further.
Oh, you would never stop loving me, God .....

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Court Decisions

Veröffentlicht am 09.09.2020

A. M. Hosta

(See also the articles:  08/30/2020  Judgment, court, marriage; 08/31 harvest time (Byron); 09/01 govern now

Thus says the Lord:

Psalm 103:8 The LORD is merciful and gracious, patient and of great goodness.

John 8:7 Let him who is without sin among you throw the first stone at her


I meditate the Thursday morning Essene Communions. During meditation I receive a prayer:

"Holy blood flow within me, cleanse away hatred and discord in my legs, with the message of the egg press*, in the times of the world's hunger for the life-giving Word of God, because that is the reason that I (my husband) am drinking and that we forbid her the house.


*Brother-in-law M., to whom I also sent the messages as an e-mail, after he, instead of my sister, congratulated me on my birthday, sends me an e-mail with the content: 'When do we sleep together twice?  SCHOK!!! One more sin of kinship heaped on top of it against me. If I react, this would be the next step to take massive action against me again (sister's).  If I send them TTT (marriage & family) they will blaspheme God again. **2)


I see a long rope floating in the air - means long line: patience until complete decision is reached. (fed up).

They just stare and don't understand anything.

None of their business anyway.

They say: 'Big talk. Grandson.'

HE says:

 "Angel of Peace, every day. You work well - worldwide discussion - corona - peace - mask."

This is what M. has buried in himself all his life. When he went with mz sister, he said to me, 'If I didn't have R., I would take you.' 

I was writing the teachings on the homepage when I received the impulse from the father and I also saw it spiritual that someone was slandering me and the father inspired me to play music to calm me down, which I did. When I checked the mails I found the above mail and deleted it. It is a sin. He must repent of that. It was a judgment to bring this to the surface.


"Lies sunk into the legs have short legs – defamation”.

Twitching in the legs - comes from defamation"

Angel of water, give peace to my legs.


Thursday evening Communion of the Essenes: Angel of Wisdom

That's why we don't need 5G - 5G is a transitory method of Satan's imitation of God and control over people.

There is a cosmic ocean of thought, immortal, indestructible - the Akashic Chronicle - from which we may all draw inexhaustibly through our Spirit to experience wisdom for our lives. This is what 5G tries to thwart and prevent.

Akasha, that is eternal wine. The Wine is the essence of God's Word, the eternal Wisdom, the HolySpirit, the motherly side in God, which makes the relentless judge the long-suffering, patient, mild and merciful judge. This wine is also poured out into our hearts, and those who are receptive to it, he makes into long-suffering, patient, mild and merciful brothers and sisters.


In the manner of the Essenes, I direct my spiritual power to my aching hip and let the Spirit rest there and wait to see if something comes from there. It comes:

"stretch = longing"


Then in the night I see three gallows with hanged men. "Crucifixion!"

"To be broken in 2018 ... Babble, babble ... Pushing into the darkness, catapulting, battering the

Girl... take it ... the light out."

Then I direct the spiritual power to the feet, which are electrified (tingling) again and there it comes:

"born ... all works ... created ... change of system".

Then I direct the spiritual power to my electrifying (tingling) knees and there it comes:

"Plunder ... change ... Love, marry ... "

I slept for about an hour, then I woke up with headaches, and there came:


 "Quiet man ... or else it will crack, that was a judgement, I cannot let you do this alone ... Corona, this will be much worse... The consecration ... Corona."

I understand. Your will be done on me and in everything.  I consecrate Germany again daily to your divine heart.


"Do not provoke."

"On Wednesday, the 11th.(??)

I thought so, too. It's going to be hard enough as it is, all of it.

Now more than ever, trust in God. I still get judgments too. It always starts slowly and increases. That was not all. Please help ... never again blaspheme God ... rebel ... I always fall into it again when I defend myself.

I wonder how you, you alone, do all this in the whole world without being tempted by it. You are truly holy. You alone.

"With you, he has no debts. He lives because you are good to him..."

And he is to me.

"Hanging around... they left him alone."

The parents.

Yeah. I'm good to him. He was good to me too. He bought me a bike. He didn't have to. He helped me with my taxes. He didn't have to. I bought extra so that he could recover when he got off work. He has a hard time out there and I can stay at home now.

I also have a lot of debts - e.g. with my parents, which I still have to pay.

"This gets the peace cloud*


*) When I was looking for a suitable picture for the last article 'Ice, warm or hot' under the term 'ice floes on the sea' he said:

"angel of peace .... That you are also always so negative ..."

Then I found a picture 'Angel of peace' from Munich


... on Doomsday ..."

"That is what she must wear ... Wedding forever ... ave Maria ... LIVE ... MONEY ... CHOCOLATE"

I bought 5 bars of chocolate in stock yesterday. That's why he put chocolate in.

It's the grace of God. Blessed...  Believed...

"The hook to the story - you weren't pious - Alcoholism!"

Ohhh ... Yes .... In my youth at least three times .... With consequences .... You know it

"You cast me away... now alone... accept this as your penance forever."

Thank you. I'll take that as penance. No more alcohol. Here you go. Good thing there aren't many people around with poisonous influences to seduce me.

"Impudent ... you told the truth ... they did not like it. I like it."

My husband must also no longer seduce me into doing what you have ordered me never to do.

"G... - goes - hit - from the sister - disinherited."

God, the father has disinherited her as a daughter ... she suspects it ... says that she does not believe that it continues after death.

"In the past, it was different when she still honored God."

There are souls who believe that after death everything is over and nothing more will be, that everything ends with death.

Yes, there are souls that are simply dissolved into nothing, then they no longer exist.

Father, shall I tell...

"Don't you make yourself a judge..." ´

"Wear the mask. Soupreme Court. Corona. The media is silent. It's all spiritual."



I took a nap. Afterwards I watched the hip with the inherent power of Spirit. Then came:

"A number ... oath .... Available."

If we had the chip implanted, we would become a number that is already available.

Huge fears have sunk into my hip and manifest themselves there as pain.



Song: "Once we are gathered in the air..." that is: NOW

The angel of the air is Akasha ... The sea of all thoughts ever thought, everlasting, indestructable .... In it we are gathered together and all the thoughts we have ever unleashed, including the works resulting from them, come to light.

"Trump .... Praying .... there the heads roll again…”  




There was a huge scolding, a back and forth scolding ...

The provocative theme was: Demonstration Berlin without mask against God's will: Don't demonstrate, mask duty. 

"Whoever honors the Lord will win."

Now my heart is singing a melody, but the text is not familiar to me; I am researching it. It is:




When all my labors and trials are o‘er,

And I am safe on that beautiful shore,

Just to be near the dear Lord I adore,

Will through the ages be glory for me.


O that will be glory for me,

Glory for me, glory for me,

When by His grace I shall look on His face,

That will be glory, be glory for me.


When, by the gift of His infinite grace,

I am accorded in Heaven a place,

Just to be there and to look on His face,

Will through the ages be glory for me.


Friends will be there I have loved long ago;

Joy like a river around me will flow;

Yet just a smile from my Savior, I know,

Will through the ages be glory for me.



Then came within me:

“When I cry inside and the fight is at its worst, then ... he will be broad to honor me ..."


"Sin ... Do you want to again eat that up inside yourself ... it's your own fault for not saying something.”

"Mushrooms”  (in the aloe plant grow small mushrooms) ...

"complaining" (the cause of it is ... complaining ... that is a mushroom plexus and always grows new mushrooms)

Hoarding with money ... that was also a criterion of a test ... but the Lord says:

"Now they can support each other, since this was the case."

I started to think... When does who honor God?

I was thinking  whoever has died and does not honor God any more ... But that those who are still alive (my husband) have taken over in the divine school ... and have gone to Berlin to demonstrate for freedom and peace ... in peaceful assembly ... because of the fundamental right of freedom of assembly ... by peaceful means. They have committed themselves to ensuring that the basic rights (freedom of assembly, unity and peace) are once again respected in Germany ... You have worked for a peaceful change of system ... You have demonstrated against a corrupt government that tramples on basic rights and disregards the dignity of the individual.

God would never force anyone to wear a mask ... in respect of the free will of his creatures. They have free will.

But the government forces us ... although no epidemic is to be seen far and wide, to wear a mask forever.

I prayed:

I bring to you, Father, all those who gather peacefully and stand up for peace and freedom in Germany and in the world, and in return show their presence. Lord, cleanse us all and bless their actions.

Turn curses into blessings. Send us Your angel of peace and Your angel who conquers evil, St. Michael, the patron of our country, that they may protect and preserve and restore our basic rights.

I wear the mask when it is your commandment, not my will be done, but yours. You have also said, 'You need not do everything that the authorities demand of you. Nor did my disciples wash their hands before eating.‘

I bring you my heart and consecrate it to your divine heart. My Jesus, I trust in you.

"You are one!" 

Tatüü, Tataaa ...

Outside the orderlies are on their way again.

My husband supported me ... bought me a bicycle ... helped me with the tax accountant's bill ... that's why he lost a lot of money.

... those who want war, get war...

... who want peace, get peace ...

Everyone has the choice!!!

The Spirit said:

"If you could see ... all over the world they are discussing .... mask .... peace ...."

It is about liberation and peace .... It is about a peaceful system change by peaceful means.

In the afternoon, after it had already become much better through the spiritual-force meditation, I suddenly get bad pains in my legs again. We were still in the garden, but afterwards I told my husband that I wanted to see what was going on in my legs again. I lay down to channel my spiritual power into my legs to see if something was coming. Nothing. Nothing came in me.

When I went to sleep, came:

"..... incomprehensible ... The Russians ... who do not despise me, cannot abuse me ... Savior ... worm."

The Savior wants to give something to the Russians - that much I understood ....

In a psalm the Savior says: 'I am a worm and not a man'.

My husband said that in Russia an old man had been poisoned and that this had led to uprisings all over the world and that Putin was blamed. I remembered that I had read a headline where Putin had addressed the German government that they should not spread such lies about him.

I feel sick - in my stomach.

I see

A cone, open at the top, smoke emerges - a volcano from which smoke rises.

In me: 'Glory, power and strength of our God'.

The song chorus again:



 I ask: Why the Russians ??

"Vietnam... show who is the Lord ... Corona... In the Gulf... “

How big are you... how big are you... (song within me)

"School of life... it smokes."


**2) The Lord means - it smokes at my brother-in-law's place. I answered his mail after all, after the Lord asked me if I wanted to swallow that too. I answered as follows:

Thank you for your offer. I have thought about it and have come to the conclusion that I renounce. My husband asked me if you would have liked to ask him first, if that was okay with him and my sister too.

"Corona ... it is flowing ... blood ... they are pigs ... they only want to roll everything on you ... the rod (break) ... executioner."

"Marriage... you can do it ... stay... mother... divine... I am even ..”  

(your favorite. Makes sense.)        

"Tear off mask."

You tore the mask off their faces.

"Grandsons ... family ... forever ... Stay."

Yes, dearest. Thank you.




In 1987, I heard these words inside me: 'Wait three months. Gone. Now four more months of shame, then free.'

In 1984, my then employer announced comparison  and I was given notice of termination at the end of the year. Sitting sadly at home on our bench in front of the house, I received a visit from an angel (who, as I now know, was Jesus). At that time I was told that I did not need to do anything, just wait - I would be tested in faith. So I was unemployed and at home with my parents. The waiting lasted three years, a time of repentance and prayer for me, until 1987 I heard these words in me: 'Wait three months. Gone. Now four more months of shame, then free.

Four months of shame lasted about 30 years, until 2017, when the Lord met me again and began to communicate with me from Spirit to Spirit, as it is written in my ebooks HOSTA, PRISCILLA, Regency of the Nations, WIND and LUCIDA.

"Sleeping Beauty wakes up..."

In 1984 I was also told: "I'll wake you up."

From 2017 on, the father has kept this promise. He woke me up through his school, to which he took me.

"You honored me. Nice."

"How else will you redeem them all?"

He says this into the pain I have in my legs.

They all ... They are my dowry to bring into the marriage.

"Weekend ... You’re still shaky."

*** Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version) ***