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Biographisches Evangelium des Herrn von der Zeit an, da Joseph Mariam zu sich nahm. Durch das Innere Wort empfangen von Jakob Lorber. (1843 - 1851) - Jesus selbst erzählt die Weihnachtsgeschichte.

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Jesus reveals the true Christmas Story to Jacob Lorber 1843 - 1851 (The Jacobs Gospel) 

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Die Gesegneten 

Gesegnet sind all Jene, die ihre Häupter gen Himmel richten und ununterbrochen aufschauen in Erwartung des Kommens Des Herrn… Sie werden sicherlich gegangen sein von diesem Ort ..........

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The Blessed 

Blessed are all those who turn their heads to the sky and keep looking up in anticipation of the coming of the Lord ... They will surely have left this place ..........

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Danke - Die Armee Jesu 

Ich verdiene dich nicht Gott
Aber du liebst mich trotzdem weiter.
Oh, du würdest niemals aufhören, mich zu lieben, Gott.....

 Thank you - Jesus Army (Video)

I don't deserve you God
But you still love me further.
Oh, you would never stop loving me, God .....

Der Göttliche Barmherzigkeits-Rosenkranz

Dies ist das Gebet, welches der Vater liebt, dass wir es beten sollen. 

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The Chaplet of divine mercy in song 

This is the prayer the Father loves us to pray

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Lieder zur Ehre Gottes - YouTube - 

Playlist - verschiedene Lieder, gesungen zur Ehre Gottes 

Various songs, sung to the glory of God 

Einmal werden wir versammelt in der Luft ...  

Ein Lied für die Endzeit, in der wir uns befinden.  

Die geistige Kriegsführung - der Herr erklärt die Waffen des Feindes und wie wir siegreich sein können und müssen !!! 

Es ist der Weg des Lichtes, den es mit Entschlossenheit zu gehen gilt, nicht mit dem Schwert, aber mit den Waffen des Geistes, dem zweischneidigen Wort Gottes in Demut und Liebe und im Gehorsam gegenüber dem göttlichen Gesetz und im Hören auf die Stimme des Gewissens, das ist die Stimme Gottes im Geist des Menschen. 

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The most beautiful AVE MARIA you've ever heard:

You raise me up - 

Passion ofthe Christ clipes with Selah's great vocals added

PSALM 51 - english 

The second coming on the clouds of Jesus Christ  


Father describes the arrests

Veröffentlicht am 29.01.2021

 A. M. Hosta

1/28/2021 - I think it was shortly after midnight.

I was awakened and the father was all excited, out of breath, as he began to speak - briefly, just bullet points, as if he were in a great hurry. He said:

"Duppelyou Busch (W.Busch).

Michelle Obama



Disaster - all my footage !"

I received inspiration that someone had hastily made a film of my notes.

Vaccination .... Face scan .... Miracle

I became aware that they want/will vaccinate me and do a face scan?? and

that a miracle would happen .....

I immediately think of escape - think where to - want to ask my husband to come with me, but the father says:

"Shut up - go alone - silicon valley not....

Prayer (prayer) - is enough. Wonderful.”

Father commends me here for my prayers.

"Stick together ... they need your work."

What about the Republic?

"Successful - never mind!

Biden - prison

Hillary - shot

Pelozi - jail

Trump administration - they fly out."

"Byron - - flattened."

Where is he? They deleted his block at Blogger.


"Material.... Film .... that fits! Testing."

"Biden - nanotechnology - robot."

The father says that Biden was a clone. He is madly pushing vaccinations.

"The final.... " (something is final)

I didn't catch the next sentence completely, the father said more....

"Within .... Joseph, I much prefer him ... wounded ... he pays ...."

Joseph, hidden, just, the mountain that does not waver.

Now when I try to walk, stand on one leg, then the other, and then start walking without effort or pain, the father says:


I think he himself cured me, otherwise this would not be possible. The cure may have contributed, but only the father could have cured it.

"Terrible to watch them grill your legs....

Spätzle ... gobble ... dull."   (If you gorge too much, you get tired).

"Heardttweller ... in my pity they are the better paid."


It's been a long time ago.

In my youth, I voluntarily lost my job when the employer had to file a settlement. I was told in the spirit, that I didn't have to do anything, just wait, that I had to learn to pray and be obedient. At the end of those 3 years, at some point I heard the word: “vanquisher”.

But Father means it differently, he said:


"Was a death trap."

Here is what the father means: after the night shift in northern Germany, I sat down tiredly in the car to drive home. I decided to get some more sleep in the car and parked in a secluded parking lot. A car drove up and parked there as well. The man was watching me keenly from his car. Eerily. I was getting scared. I started and accelerated and drove on, my heart pounding up to my neck. I could not see anyone following me and calmed down again.

It's a miracle I'm still alive.

"Byron - He was threatened with murder. Then he was ..... (I masacred, stabbed understood).

"Joe Biden!"

Now I clearly feel the happy smiling Byron in the Spirit and he says:

„…. And this was when I lost my .... (life he meant to say) when I looked at this GLUE!"

GLUE he emphasized quite a bit.

Thank you, Byron, you are shining bright in my eyes.

"Kennedy ... Judgment Government .... Lady .... Federal Reserve...."

Don't know now exactly the context.  Maybe it means that Kennedy Jr. is coming up again in the context of condemning the government and transforming the FED.

"Dociton... he doesn't know that there's the ..... (Adenochrome??) is in there. End. Virus. Vaccination. You too."

That's what the father said. Is there any hope?


When you think of someone quite a lot, as I did of Byron, it may be that at the instigation of the Father, I suppose, he contacts you from the spiritual world.

The father says:

"Dociton... (my husband takes this for his essential tremor) ... these are the people who are opening their mouths at the moment. I'm counting on them. Pilgrim. Spirit!"´


Later I found a letter from the federal government in the mailbox, addressed to me.

Contents: A letter with two vouchers for 3 FFP2 masks each. When presented at the pharmacy, you get 2 x 3 FFP2 masks with an additional payment of 2 euros. They cost normally 3-4 euros. On the letter is a code to scan. The voucher remains with the pharmacy, they write.

I usually wear surgical masks. These are allowed and with them you can breathe better than with FFP2 masks. If the exhaled carbon dioxide cannot escape, it goes back into the lungs and then acidifies the lungs. Meanwhile, more than half of the people wear FFP2 masks when shopping or using public transportation.



Father says during my morning meditation:

"Marie ... economy. " Your money.... worth much more! The rags have marketed everything in their favor!"


The economy must be shut down, the old must go to make way for the new - for 6,000 patents of new Technology that has been withheld from us for 80 years, such as Medical Beds for Health Centers. The body is scanned. Then, on oxygen, you get into a gel and lie in it. The cells are restored to their once optimal state. It is also a rejuvenation and the cells are regenerated and health is restored.


When I didn't quite want to believe in the arrests yesterday, I didn't post this message. Then I felt the impulse to google for StarLineX (that's the new computer system after Windows will be shut down by Microsoft that will be uploaded for us). That's when I found the following sources that probably confirm the arrests and much more, e.g.:


Wednesday, January 27, 2021

3243rd - Arrests are said to have taken place at the White House and the Capitol! Be sure to check out the Rumble video! You can find the link at the bottom. What I don't understand is that there are so many people arrested at the Capitol and the White House. So much action and no press anywhere? From this we can see what the media is part of...... in german


The video of the night's action: https://youtu.be/ywfXNGNvvuU  



Tuesday, 19 January 2021

3195th - "The operating system BRD is shut down and the new operating system NESARA/GESARA can be booted up."



Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Last confrontation -part 1 - GESARA

Orion reptiles fear for their whereabouts on Earth. That's why they do everything to bring the ensouled humans into their possession with all imaginable tricks https://boersenwolf.blogspot.com/2021/01/letzte-konfrontation-teil-1-gesara.html?m=1&fbclid=IwAR2Xr7rws381oIjdcs03ALj6KMGPOEXqyTayY6SY1DBHbrdT4MKBtqK4WC4  


Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Baron Benjamin de Rothschild (57) is dead, an alleged dark world ruler, resident Switzerland - unexpectedly died of a heart attack at the age of 57 in his Swiss home.

According to best-selling author David Wilcock, Rothschild was the world's "Pindar" - the secret occult ruler of our planet who reported directly to extraterrestrial masters of the world.



The storming of the Capitol is also said to have been initialized by the digital-financial complex - not Trump. https://www.kla.tv/17958?autoplay=true&fbclid=IwAR3sWwccE9vDPc6rw9iTMwUrj7aMAUvY9LEDH_jd5RSDqsrObpTE6HGRex8  


Light Warriors - GESARA and the 5th Dimension.

Spiritual Sciences (YouTube)

GESARA means "Global Economic Security and Reform Act" and will have a big positive impact on your life. What will change for you? The main point is, you will finally be able to have time for yourself and your family, out of the fear-slave hamster wheel. That's what the end of the day is about, getting out of the fear loop and having a lot of time for your personal development. This is the connection to our ascension process into the 5th dimension, you need time to be able to develop freely. GESARA will enable us to do exactly that.



Light Warrior - Holographic Medical Bed | Med Bed Techniques - An Overview | Regeneration Tank

Spiritual Sciences (YouTube)

Holographic Medical Beds are a new technology for us that could cure any disease we know of within minutes. It makes hospitals and doctors completely obsolete. The scary thing is, it's been around for 80 years. But now the time has come and it will soon be available to us. I will give you an overview of the different approaches to this technology and explain one approach in more detail.