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Gesegnet sind all Jene, die ihre Häupter gen Himmel richten und ununterbrochen aufschauen in Erwartung des Kommens Des Herrn… Sie werden sicherlich gegangen sein von diesem Ort ..........

Die Gesegneten (Video)

Blessed are all those who turn their heads to the sky and keep looking up in anticipation of the coming of the Lord ... They will surely have left this place ..........

The blessed (Video)

Ich verdiene dich nicht Gott
Aber du liebst mich trotzdem weiter.
Oh, du würdest niemals aufhören, mich zu lieben, Gott.....

Thank you - Jesus Army (Video)

I don't deserve you God
But you still love me further.
Oh, you would never stop loving me, God .....

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Judgment - Court - Marriage

Veröffentlicht am 30.08.2020

A. M. Hosta


The demonstration in Berlin has been cancelled by the Senate because of violation of the hygiene guidelines. The basic right to assemble and the directive not to wear a mask outdoors have been violated. H. Ballweg and his team are suing the administrative court.

The spirit makes it clear:

"Nose complete! Like my husband!"  = correct" (obey the authorities)

"Half nose!" as in "I'm gonna raise hell!"

"Nose free" like me = defies authority."

What happens to those who resist?

"Parents ... relatives ... blaspheme ... Mask on!"

This is an order.

"For protection!"

But the mask does not protect at all. And you said it burns your lungs.

Tell me who you are.

"I'm throwing her out today... but don't you dare... You bite the one who is killed... your husband - he lives... the mouth."

Blasphemy. And who are you?

"changed ... marry ... healthy ...

Who talks to me like that? Who are you?

"My God... whining...

So, you won't tell me who you are.

"Grandson... Uncle...

And you? Annoying at first. Then angry.

"Happy. Wonderful. Alive.

What's going on here? What does it all mean?


I see myself in a vision stirring salad with cream.

And I am being duplicated:

"Have mercy on us and on the whole world."

I don't understand. I want to know who's speaking.

"You are alone... fringe group."




"Police... Face shield..."

The police. I am too, you said. YOU ARE GOD AND YOU ARE telling me that I should pull up my face guard over my nose.


Then I did it wrong all the time - resisting - YOU.

"You were the one who suffocates ... prison ... I can deal with you ... medicine."

All lies. You want to deceive me. With a ruse. The father of lies.

"Finished ... alone."





"Not so many times .... The people."

Now it is clear. Mouthguard below the nose = RESIST - THE FATHER

Please, heavenly father, come to my aid with the light of your truth. I do not know how to wear the mouthguard. Please, help me.

"Mask ... leadership ... I don't know ... everything is hanging in the air."

Yes. I will put the mask over my nose from now on.

"The mask is not the problem. You are all defying me."

Why do you speak to me differently?

He sobs ... finally ... he never shows me what he feels ... he never wants consolation from me ... I knew it was about the relationship.

"She doesn't know yet who she'd rather love."

How can I get closer to you if you don't feel, if you hide your feelings towards me, always setting the tone and never allowing yourself to become weak. Just like now ... desperate, tired, exhausted, a cry shakes you. Never before have you shown yourself to me like this or allowed me to come closer to you, never before have I been allowed to experience you weak ... the first time ever that you allow yourself to become weak towards me; that which awakens compassion in me and not fear of your severity and implacability. You allowed your feeling heart just for the first time.

It is as if you have been under shock since Lucifer and his products stabbed you in the back.

"The attachment bleeds too."

... while you desperately keep the way back open for them all, but they cannot accept it as long as Lucifer, their leader, does not accept it. What a tragedy!


26.8.2020 woke up at 6 o'clock.

"You blaspheme God! Sit! There is news! You have finished your school. Verdict:

"All who do not wear the mask have mocked God."

I've fallen from grace and lost you forever? My school is finished?


Lord, why didn't you tell me this before?

"Malicious against others. "Against all those who admonish you. Smile... you have drawn a grimace on your face.

Yes, it's true. I thought it was from the government, from Bill Gates. But I realize the government is you. You're the authority and I deserve your judgment. Then I guess it's over for me. And I'm dead. I'm dead. I have always been a bad, spiteful person who blasphemed and mocked and derided all his superiors and who neglected his duties and then went into business for himself.

Give me repentance, O Lord, please.

"A N N A !"

HE has gone. A hundred times ... repent ... repent ... repent now ... and I will forgive you. School is over. I am a wicked man and I blaspheme and mock the others who give me good advice and the authorities.

"Sorry... not so bad."

Did you ... Say sorry?

"Tell ... woman."

I stopped looking for you in the days when my husband was at home and I did not come to worship because I felt the need to lie down and sleep - tired.

That was too much for you, O Lord. I'm sorry, because surely you were calling for me and I didn't hear you. Please, forgive me. Please, tell me, why are you so angry with me?

"To mock is to blaspheme."


I was not aware of the mask. I thought it was harassment, to inoculate us by force and to make us chip away at each other. We all wanted to defend ourselves against being masked, forcibly vaccinated and chipped. But the forced vaccination is now possible without resistance because the demonstration in Berlin was cancelled by the Senate. Please, say something about it. But you expelled me. Now they can also force-vaccinate me and inject me with the chip. Is this your will, Lord? What do you want me to do to make amends?

"Ritual... sing...


...o my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fire of hell, lead all souls to heaven, especially those who need Your mercy most.

Damnation ... for me ... for this place ... this city ... our country ... which I should protect, for which I prayed. Now they too are defenseless, if I am damned.

"Come... breakfast... child... marry..."

He longs for me.

Please, come back, stay with me, don't go away. Come back again. Don't abandon me now. Stay with me, I miss you so much. Have pity on me and have mercy on me, O Lord.

Lord, I won't leave you until you bless me.


Never have you cast out anyone who asks for your mercy. Why reject me when I'm supposed to be the woman you've been waiting for? I do not understand. You said it was the Holy Spirit. Will you condemn the Holy Spirit? In me?

I am neither the woman nor the spirit, because you have cast me out of your midst because I am not worthy of you. You even took Dimas into your kingdom, but you threw me out, deprived me of your grace. It’s all over.



Now I don't need to stay anymore. It's over. You took love away from me. I ... Change ... evil. I was always ... evil. Everyone said it. School finished. JUDGMENT ... went through my marrow and leg.

More than three years of school - deleted - gambled away. Now everything changes.


No need to hear any more ... no need to switch on the computer .... The mood - apathetic .... The eyes - full of tears - salty ... Home - no ... slave - without rights ... far from God - dead mass .... Robbed of love ... This is the end - dead ... Life - none .... Management style - none more .... Protection - none more ... Sentence blasphemers - executed.



"You don't know what this is about... the masked men."

The masked objectors of Berlin. So they harm our country more than they benefit it with their rebellion under one who strives for power (Lord Mayor of Stuttgart). Likewise I, the masked conscientious objector of our city.

"For this takes .... Died .... Russia."  (??)

Now it overcomes me, like a heap of misery ... all the sacrifices, renunciations while my husband hungered for life, but died. It shakes me with bitterness. Disappointment. I freeze, I tremble inside ... tears rolling down my cheeks.

"...all those who have not yet died."

Take over in my place ...

I see red leaves on the vine (as red as beet the color - blood red)


The body of the Lord !

And my tree is dying ... like the leaves in autumn, my leaves change color - blood red - before the wind blows them away.

"Alas, there is no seventh seal... has fallen away."

Many of those who call themselves servant and remnant will fly away.


Toil in vain.

"I am the Lord ... Suicide."

"I have not yet spoken ... I am a merciful judge ... will then again be given ... the lips! ….

The heart speaks a different language."

You are just as ambiguous - your lips are a stern judge - while your heart is dying of longing. I have judged, condemned, blasphemed, mocked with my lips, while my heart passes away in sorrow. Judge not, lest you be judged.

"The marginalized know ......... who lives!"

Now you are flattering me again, so that I remain in the fringe group, separated, alone ... because of you - with knees that no longer want to carry me, that no longer want to carry the heavy burden.


Broken. Broken. Hosta, he's here as a little fish - he says because he grumbled and complained.

"Customs... they look in there... and take out what they want."

My package of light in the east to Switzerland ... It has been very expensive, over 30 Euro postage. I am not responsible for it. THIEFS. That is my fear, yes.

"To live safely in those days ...

I see a piece of apple cut off an apple that is rotten ... Ants and vermin attack the cut apple."


The sin. The fruit is spoiled. Not one apple is healthy. So I have the feeling that the vermin are attacking me, because it itches me everywhere. Sweating and running nose. Tears in my eyes ... feeling of abandonment ... I am miserable ... I am spoiled ... bathing externally is useless ... I just lie there. Why didn't I recognize it ... since I always knew it inside and now the wave comes ... like a huge shock ... although everything is still the same out there in the surroundings ... they are talking happily ... children are playing and romping around ... birds are singing ... the sun is shining ... a happy game, but I am in shock ... cry ... starve ... yes, that's how it was, my whole life ... excluded ... on the edge ... wallflower ... outsider ... SICK. I miss ... love. A product of Lucifer. My earthly father was Lucifer, you once said. He could have been only half saved without my prayers, you said. You can recognize the fruits by the tree.

The great de - ception.

I have always suspected it... And wondered when the great awakening would come. And my husband ... And I judged him with my lips, many times I thought I was chosen and him ... lost. It is the other way around.

Everything I have prophesied comes over me. I am always the first when the judgments rain down. I always wanted to be the first to command all who are after me.


So brought up, yes.

"Fuck off!"

Also yes. But then I broke my hand to atone.

The fruit is rotten. Heavy lies its weary mind over the valley. She blows her nose in tears, too weak and disappointed to ask God for help. She does not dare to turn to God. I stayed and continued until the harvest. Now it is time to settle up.

"Fuck you on .... ass ...!!  REPENT RATHER!"

I'm not ready for true repentance yet. I am in shock. Leadership style = ambivalent = mask = many misguided = more than I can bear.

It was a test ... out there in public to show how you made your decision by the way you wear the mask.

I relied on my own judgment and did not stay with God, but followed my mind, which misled me. That was my case, that is what I died of. My own judgment and mind - materialistic. Fallen into the pit. A CHILD OF LUZIFER.

God resists - abjured - acted against God's order - decided against God - mocked and blasphemed him = SIN = DEATH.

Not only with the mask, in general, everywhere on my ways, all my life, on many occasions, at almost all human encounters - therefore alone - without friends - on the edge of society - even marginalized by massive disobedience - a lackey - a legionary of the demon flocks - frozen light full of hate and delusion.


You want to allow me cake? I don't deserve it, but I am grateful for your offer and I accept it. You cried for me lost sheep and want to comfort me?

"Share. G., Papa!"

I bought 7 cakes in stock and pulled the mask up to the edge of my glasses. The saleswoman hit me hard when I took bread from the drawer without gloves. Unfortunately I protested again when I gave her a nasty look in response.

My husband might want to go to Berlin after all. BILD has spoken out against the demo ban. I am no longer allowed to teach. It is forbidden to me. I am not allowed to comment on it.

But God has said: Instead of repenting, the children go to the demonstration as open rebellion, disobediently. And he said: My children do not rebel. But I am not allowed to say it, because I am now forbidden to teach. Whoever does my will, he says, is the one who loves me.

"The little ones will do everything."

Yes. But I am not one of them, all squandered by my disobedience.

"Not anymore."

The earth is submerged by the great flood. No one is left.


"That was the longest court you ever had."


Is it over now? And what about school? I do not need ... Teacher!

"The pain, this is for ... Car still ... Breakdown! Handlebars, when driving straight, does not work ... wheels ... tomorrow ... Sunday."

The car is not mine and must be back on time. Car sharing. Otherwise I have to pay a fine. Then my husband has to take the train.

"Maximum weight 8.4 tons... mountains... forests."

They're yours, I know. But my car doesn't weigh that much.

"if you want to come back.




"I haven't done anything.

The NEW one. WITCH. FEMALE. NOSE. No night's sleep.

"... romantic... am glad."


Book of True Life - Volume III - Instruction 60:90-99

90. mankind, pray, I await you to reveal to you the mystery of the Third Age.

91. do you expect bliss in the world? You know well that this earth, instead of giving milk and honey, brings tears and death according to the will of man.

92. Prepare yourselves, for it will be your hands that shall destroy your idolatry, once you practice the spiritual worship of God with all love.

93. Guard, people, for the battle draws near, and the adversary draws near. It will not be the Pharaoh of the first time or the Caesar of the second. What seeks to lead you back into bondage - for fear of your development and your light of knowledge - will be the darkness of all ages, which envelops and threatens you. For this I have given you the sword of light so that you may fight. In this light will be faith, wisdom and love of neighbor.

94. forgiveness will be one of the virtues that will have the greatest merit before My justice. I tell you once more: "Love one another.

95. my love will unite all men and all worlds into one. Before Me the differences of races, languages and tribes will disappear, and even the differences that exist in the development of the soul.

96. between God as Judge and man there is a mediating step, which is Mary, the most loving mother, in whose love the minds are cleansed and purified in order to then come before their Lord.

97. Even if Adam's disobedience, the crime of Cain and the confusion of Babylon still weigh on mankind - I will give you the opportunity to free yourselves from those stains.

98. I offer you this spring of crystal-clear and pure water, so that you may quench your thirst in it and purify yourselves from every filth. But watch over the spring, because there will appear people who want to beguile you with false spiritual teachings and will tell you that they love God and Mary. Be on your guard, because with this they want to separate you from the hurdle (of the Lord). There will appear those who mix My teaching with human teachings. Live vigilantly! For already the hour is approaching in which I call you to judgment. Then My Presence will be like thunder in a thunderstorm and My Light like lightning that arises in the East and goes out in the West. Then I will summon the hundred and forty-four thousand who are marked by me, so that they hand over their harvest before my justice. The one will be in matter and the other in the spiritual.

99. those who followed me in 1866 will be present at this judgment, so that they likewise answer for their first seed. Before peace comes, the judgment will be. You will see the strong rise up against the strong; but in these struggles their strength and pride will wear down. Then the earth will have been bathed in the blood of sinners and also of innocents. But when those plagues are over, peace will come to the nations, for men will acknowledge God as the only strong and righteous one.



I went into myself.

You have to wear the mask in public transportation and shopping malls.

There is no requirement to wear the mask outdoors.

I must never violate the requirements of the authorities, because you are the authorities, and if I scoff and blaspheme, then it goes against you. I have repented and ask you for forgiveness and promise to comply with the conditions to the best of my knowledge and belief. 

This morning you said to me

"If you want to come back..."

You said it to me lovingly, almost begging me. So court's over already?

Then I may - purified - be with you again - I really feel purified and fresh.

Thank you ... I am glad. Am I then accepted back into school?

"You are pious!"

May I continue my studies with you?


Please, help me and let the angels keep watch over me, so that I may stop mocking, blaspheming and sinning, so that I may not die.

As for the car judgment, I ask you not to count my fear and myopia as sin. I see that it is necessary that this judgment, this mishap, be carried out. I accept your judgement and will experience it according to your will.



"Your prayers are full of masks.

"Examine... if you can marry."


Then you are really speaking to me.


 Book of True Life - Volume IX - Instruction 249:34-35


34. When you contemplate the wonders of nature and realize that you have been an object of divine love and mercy - has not gratitude flowed from your hearts?

What greater proof of gratitude can you give Me at this moment than your admiration, your humility and your confession of my greatness? It has then been neither pain, nor need, nor self-interest that has inflamed your heart for Me.

35. Whenever you whisper a prayer of thanksgiving, accompany it with works that confirm that feeling.

"You have everything in your records, there you can look it up.

Will you marry me now?"

Almost begs.

O Lord, give me the right words now, that I may not screw it up again.

Humble, humble. Am I then worthy of you - I was dead all the time. If I please thee, I will.

"Dream. This afternoon in a dream I will ask you and then I will come down to you and take you into my bosom."

I wonder if he really does that.

Please, tell me what to call you when you contact me.

At noon I lay down. I got sleepy, but I didn't fall asleep. Then...

.. I was bathed in a bright light and saw a small sea gently swinging above me in my mind and then I perceived vibrations, very gently swinging waves pulsating in me for a few seconds and then suddenly a violent, jerky pulling in one movement, that the whole body* is pulled up a few cm upwards for a few seconds, as if the soul/the mind is pulled out of the body and into this energy field with a strong suction and the body immediately falls in its earthly gravity back onto the camp, stretching itself comfortably.

*"... at the navel..."

I have already experienced this many times in the last years ... he calls it marriage.

"You are a child."

Then he says calmly:

"Take care, children."

My husband has also lollygagged and stretched in the bed next to me.

"The police leave him in peace.”

My husband went to the demonstration in Berlin.

"Call me daddy."

How nice. PAPA.


Wonderful. Thank you.

You actually took me into your lap and that even though I'm still here in my body. And I have learned so much again.

"Even though you've never heard of morphogenic fields." **


** Rupert Sheldrake - Morphogenetic Fields (Quantum Fields)- english


From this I derive:

Communication from mind to mind is genetic in each of us and our memory is able to exercise this ability from existing morphogenic fields, even if there are great distances between our mind and the Divine Mind, because there is a connection. In these fields, this ability is focused on its goal - direct communication with the Divine Mind, which is omnipresent.

*** Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version) ***