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Biographisches Evangelium des Herrn von der Zeit an, da Joseph Mariam zu sich nahm. Durch das Innere Wort empfangen von Jakob Lorber. (1843 - 1851) - Jesus selbst erzählt die Weihnachtsgeschichte.

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                   IN  ENGLISH:

Jesus reveals the true Christmas Story to Jacob Lorber 1843 - 1851 (The Jacobs Gospel) 

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NEU: Das Buch des Wahren Lebens  jetzt  alle 12 Bände auch in englisch online und als Audio 

 NEW: The Book of True Life now all 26 volumes online and audio

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Das Dritte Testament  -  Derzeit In 26 Sprachen als PDF und als Buch zu erwerben 

 The Third Testament   Available for purchase as a PDF and also as a book  in 26 languages.  

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Die Gesegneten 

Gesegnet sind all Jene, die ihre Häupter gen Himmel richten und ununterbrochen aufschauen in Erwartung des Kommens Des Herrn… Sie werden sicherlich gegangen sein von diesem Ort ..........

Die Gesegneten (Video)



The Blessed 

Blessed are all those who turn their heads to the sky and keep looking up in anticipation of the coming of the Lord ... They will surely have left this place ..........

The blessed (Video)

Danke - Die Armee Jesu 

Ich verdiene dich nicht Gott
Aber du liebst mich trotzdem weiter.
Oh, du würdest niemals aufhören, mich zu lieben, Gott.....

 Thank you - Jesus Army (Video)

I don't deserve you God
But you still love me further.
Oh, you would never stop loving me, God .....

Der Göttliche Barmherzigkeits-Rosenkranz

Dies ist das Gebet, welches der Vater liebt, dass wir es beten sollen. 

Anhören und mitsingen!




The Chaplet of divine mercy in song 

This is the prayer the Father loves us to pray

 Listen and take part !


Lieder zur Ehre Gottes - YouTube - 

Playlist - verschiedene Lieder, gesungen zur Ehre Gottes 

Various songs, sung to the glory of God 

Einmal werden wir versammelt in der Luft ...  

Ein Lied für die Endzeit, in der wir uns befinden.  

Die geistige Kriegsführung - der Herr erklärt die Waffen des Feindes und wie wir siegreich sein können und müssen !!! 

Es ist der Weg des Lichtes, den es mit Entschlossenheit zu gehen gilt, nicht mit dem Schwert, aber mit den Waffen des Geistes, dem zweischneidigen Wort Gottes in Demut und Liebe und im Gehorsam gegenüber dem göttlichen Gesetz und im Hören auf die Stimme des Gewissens, das ist die Stimme Gottes im Geist des Menschen. 

Deutsch: 76 Videos (youTube) - Playlist über geistige Kriegsführung mit den Waffen des Lichtes 

zur Playlist geht es      H I E R  !! 

The most beautiful AVE MARIA you've ever heard:

You raise me up - 

Passion ofthe Christ clipes with Selah's great vocals added

PSALM 51 - english 

The second coming on the clouds of Jesus Christ  


Omicron - Irradiation at night - 5 mm wave bioweapon

Veröffentlicht am 14.01.2022

Omicron is not a variant but an irradiation, a millimeter wave ... at night the limits are 15 times higher than the legal limit ... Switch off router and cell phone at night ... protect yourselves with Schungite stones --- pay attention to your nutrition

HOLD ON AND READ This news concerns us all - last night someone lost his life. Dr. BISCARDI WOULD HAVE REPORTED THIS ALL TO THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION! IT IS NO COINCIDENCE THAT AT THE SAME TIME THEY ALSO MURDERED THE PRESIDENT OF THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION, DAVID SASSOLI, WHO SHOULD HAVE WELCOMED THIS RESEARCH ON OMICRON, WHICH IS NOT A PATHOGEN BUT A RADIATION !!!!!!!! * OMICRON I said weeks ago that it is not a variant but an irradiation, a millimeter wave. * Now I'm going to tell how the Omicron variant is descending on unsuspecting people at night, infecting them even when they sleep at home behind closed walls and doors. * Omicron is not a variant, but an irradiation. As indeed everything about k0b1D 19 (84) Why does it come at night? * It comes at night because when they measured the radiation, they found that the levels at night are up to 15 times higher than the legal limit. The time is between 2 and 4 in the morning. * The time when internet traffic is significantly lower because people should be in bed and sleeping peacefully. * At the time of measurement, they found that the radiation levels do not decrease at this time, but increase. * * How? Omicron comes at night! * It doesn't matter if you hide in the house, because Omicron is not a pathogen. Omicron is a wave, a microwave. Omicron is a millimeter wave. * Closed doors and walls are no obstacle to the millimeter wave. * When you have been inoculated with graphene oxide, Omicron finds the right substance in your body to expand and amplify its frequency, causing nausea and diarrhea at first, followed by fever, visual disturbances, headache, disorientation, and amnesia. Why do you need to cough? Because * the body tries to get rid of graphene oxide and does so through the lungs. * That's why FLUIMUCIL works in k0bid therapy. * Then * you will feel a discomfort in the light, probably a tinnitus.... especially if you live near telecommunication towers. * * On an epidermal level, you may experience redness, itching, burning, shingles, psoriasis, tremors in certain areas, and even vibrations. * Do you know why? * Because Omicron is not a contagion, but a radiation. * A RADIATION * In Spain, they announced that Omicron will appear on December 24. You'll know exactly when it is, because at the push of a button.... * Turn off routers and appliances, use copper sheets or secure with aluminum foil or Faraday wipes. Shower frequently. * Don't take acetaminophen because it is a glutathione antagonist and glutathione breaks down graphene oxide. * * Take melatonin because it is a protective radium. * * Take zinc and vitamins C, D3 and E. * Take plenty of vitamin C and D3. * The labeled (vaccinated) people are not at all suitable for aerobic activities, especially if they have received reinforcements, because they are at high risk, which is why so many top athletes fall. Graphene oxide has an affinity for the bioelectric functions of the body, that is, the heart and brain. If you increase your pulse, there will be more bioelectricity in your body and the graphene oxide will go directly there. * *It would be good to always wear a shungite on your neck or on the left side of your body, put a shungite under your pillow or under your bed, another on your router, another next to your cell phone, although at night it is better to put it on airplane mode or turn it off. And drink mineral water (a lot of tasteless crap is added to tap water) by putting a shungite in the bottle or pitcher. *It has been proven that Hungit cancels out these harmful effects. *UNDER THIS LINK YOU WILL FIND A MAP OF THE WORLDWIDE 5G COVERAGE: https://www.nperf.com/es/map/5g TO TRANSMIT THIS INFORMATION SO THAT THE WHOLE PLANET EARTH KNOWS IT