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Biographisches Evangelium des Herrn von der Zeit an, da Joseph Mariam zu sich nahm. Durch das Innere Wort empfangen von Jakob Lorber. (1843 - 1851) - Jesus selbst erzählt die Weihnachtsgeschichte.

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Jesus reveals the true Christmas Story to Jacob Lorber 1843 - 1851 (The Jacobs Gospel) 

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Die Gesegneten 

Gesegnet sind all Jene, die ihre Häupter gen Himmel richten und ununterbrochen aufschauen in Erwartung des Kommens Des Herrn… Sie werden sicherlich gegangen sein von diesem Ort ..........

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The Blessed 

Blessed are all those who turn their heads to the sky and keep looking up in anticipation of the coming of the Lord ... They will surely have left this place ..........

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Danke - Die Armee Jesu 

Ich verdiene dich nicht Gott
Aber du liebst mich trotzdem weiter.
Oh, du würdest niemals aufhören, mich zu lieben, Gott.....

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I don't deserve you God
But you still love me further.
Oh, you would never stop loving me, God .....

Der Göttliche Barmherzigkeits-Rosenkranz

Dies ist das Gebet, welches der Vater liebt, dass wir es beten sollen. 

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Die geistige Kriegsführung - der Herr erklärt die Waffen des Feindes und wie wir siegreich sein können und müssen !!! 

Es ist der Weg des Lichtes, den es mit Entschlossenheit zu gehen gilt, nicht mit dem Schwert, aber mit den Waffen des Geistes, dem zweischneidigen Wort Gottes in Demut und Liebe und im Gehorsam gegenüber dem göttlichen Gesetz und im Hören auf die Stimme des Gewissens, das ist die Stimme Gottes im Geist des Menschen. 

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The second coming on the clouds of Jesus Christ  


Prepare: April 4th or April 25th., 3 days of darkness

Veröffentlicht am 02.04.2021


MARCH 27, 2021

444 Note: Please take it to the Lord in prayer.

shalom my daily beloved i greet you inthe peace of our lord and savior jesus
christ our soon and coming king um this message is about the three days of darkness the lord had visited me in the morning whilst i was praying and he gave me a prophecy about the three days of darkness amen 

now i know some people out there scoffing saying it’s not real it’s not coming brothers and sisters it is coming amen matter of fact the lord said in matthew 24 29 that before his return the sun shall be darkened and the moon shall not give his light so there’s no point running around shouting jesus is coming back everyone’s having rapture dreams jesus is coming back i will not look at the signs that he said that would happen prior to his return and one of those signs that he said was that the sun shall be darkened and the moon shall not give us light amen the lord spoke of this darkness amen but before i go into the prophecy i just want to give a little back story for those who are not aware of the three days of darkness or for the brothers and sisters to understand how was it that i came to be in the knowing and the revelation of the freedoms of darkness so first of all i heard a sister carrion gideon a prophetess from the lord declared that the lord given her vision that she saw three days of darkness in her dream she took from it that he was not meant to be outside in the darkness there will be demonic activity and you must be inside and close your windows and cover them the lord then revealed to her another vision about the freedoms of darkness where he revealed to her that it will be in april he wasn’t specific what year on what april but he made it clear it would be april and it will begin around 10 30 and it began to sweep over the land the whole world now the bible says it will happen at 12 noon amen so if it starts at 10 30 and begin to slowly sweep then maybe around noon the whole world would be in darkness midday amen the lord then later revealed to her again that on the 7th of this april month it will still be dark amen at the 7th on 7 30 it would still be dark so i was going to the lord and i was saying lord you know like you’re giving her a lot of revelations about this these freedoms of darkness like as if it’s soon you know i need you to speak more to me so the lord gave me a vision of my own not the same night that i prayed afterwards and i too had the three days of darkness and in my feelings of darkness people went outside and they died the demon activity out there was plenty now i was away from my family so I wanted to travel through the darkness to get to them because my thought was oh i’m anointed man of god i’m god’s chosen servant i can go through the darkness i’ll be fine i couldn’t survive it i had to run back inside quickly i was being it was too much you’re not meant to be in the darkness amen and so more time had gone by and I felt in my urgency my spirit like seek the lord on this thing it is coming it is coming soon so i went to bed one night before i went to sleep i was praying to the lord about it and as i lay down to sleep i was talking to the lord in my mind about it i when I woke up in the morning i saw a notification on my phone that a sister kate from africa somewhere the lord revealed to her the feeders of darkness and he told her it will be on a Sunday so now the lord had revealed the month is april is now revealed that will be on a Sunday and it’s also revealed that on the 7th it will still be dark so the lord led me then to research what Sunday three days later will still be dark on the 7th 2021 is the only year
2022 2023 2024
that will make the freedoms of darkness five days long six days long the bible says three days long so the lord had now confirmed to me it has to be this year so i was praying about it and i’m like lord you know i’m on here sharing your word i will not be held accountable for sharing anything that is wrong I will not be one of those people that lead your people astray and give them false messages i have to be sure you have to confirm it the lord not only did he confirm it to me but he also visited me and he explained to me why he’s doing it amen so brothers and sisters i’m about to give you the prophecy that the lord has given me he’s also giving me a few scriptures also i will also share these scriptures but please brothers and sisters whether you cover your windows with paint i’ve personally used bin bags and duct tape i’ve already covered my windows it’s only a week away brothers and sisters do not go outside if you hear a voice that sounds like someone you know don’t even open the door it’s a demon imitating a person’s voice because no one will survive in the darkness amen so without going into too much let me just get straight into the prophecy right now so and this is the lord speaking amen this isn’t my words amen and the lord said
i have had enough of this sinful generation they tarnish my name they walk all over my precious royal blood and make a mockery of my sacrifice on calvary they disregard my love my mercy my grace and my patience now they will see i’m also a god of wrath did i not open up the ground and swallow up all who stood against moses because of their ungrateful complaining after all i had done for them did i not send darkness over the land and kill the children of egypt because of pharaoh’s disobedience to let my people go did i not say in my word that i cause the sun to shine on the just and the unjust once again i am forced to display my wrath on those who say they know me but foolishly continue in their sins and who reject and pridefully boast they have no need of me whilst weeping i said lord is this what you want me to say he said yes my son as my word says i chastise who i love after this event there will be a small window left to repent then just like the days of noah I will shut the door of the ark the door of my grace will be closed choose now whether you want to be in the arms of my safety or outside in the flood and destruction and death brother says i’m shaking right now as i’m reading this message because I remember the lord’s present he wasn’t happy i had a vision of him he just had fire in his eyes he was just standing there with fire in his eyes and i I i just know that the lord he didn’t want to do it he’s like he was saying in my spirit like i don’t even want to do this but my children are not listening to me they’re not listening to me i remember the first time that I punished my daughter for being naughty I went to the other room and i cried I didn’t even i didn’t even want to punish her i cried and the lord is just weeping because he doesn’t want to do this but if he doesn’t do it if the children of israel god’s people are not gonna wake up brothers and priests and sisters please share this message please share this message because the three days of darkness will be on the 4th of april 2021 i believe today is the 27th of march
that’s literally leaving 8 days 8 days remaining cover your windows store up on free days of food fire candles oh may the grace of god the power of the holy spirit will give you light prepare prepare prepare repent fast and pray repent fast and pray repent fast and pray the lord doesn’t want to do this then he gave me these scriptures and I realized afterwards the scriptures basically told us basically what he said

He said it through the scriptures in hebrews chapter 8 verse 9 and it shall come to pass in that day says the lord god that i will cause the sun to go down at noon and i will darken the earth in the clear day hallelujah oh lord have mercy jesus romans chapter 1 verse 18 for the wrath of god is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who has the truth in unrighteousness romans chapter 2 verse 5 but after thy hardness and impair impendent heart treats rest of only unto thyself wrath against the day of wrath and revelation of the righteous judgment of god numbers numbers 16 32 and the earth opened her mouth and swallowed them up and their houses and all the men that are pertaining unto korra and all their goods exodus chapter 10 21 to 23 and the lord said unto moses stretch out thine and towards heaven and there may be darkness over the land of egypt even darkness which may be felt and moses stretched forth his hand towards heaven and there was a thick darkness in the land of egypt three days they saw not one another neither rose any from his place for three days but all the children of israel had light in their dwelling hallelujah thank you jesus exodus 12 29 and it came to pass that at midnight the lord smote the firstborn in the land of egypt from the firstborn of pharaoh that sat on his throne unto the firstborn after captive that was in the dungeons dungeon and all the firstborn of cattle matthew chapter 5 verse 45. that ye may be the children of your father which is in heaven for he maketh the sun to rise on the evil and on the good and send it rain on the just and on the unjust hallelujah proverbs 3 12 for whom the lord loveth he correcteth even as a father the son and whom he delighteth hebrews 12 6 for whom the lord loveth he chastise and score just every son whom he receiveth genesis 7 16 and they went in and they that went in went in male and female of all flesh as god had commanded him and the lord shut him in 8 verse 11 behold the days come saith the lord god that i will send a famine in the land not a famine of bread nor a thirst for water but of hearing the word of the lord brothers and sisters prepare repent and share this message for those that are not aware we have a week to get this message to their ears share on your facebook your whatsapp your instagram your twitter whatever whatever platform you have share it share it share it and pray for your family members and pray for your friends and pray for those that you don’t know pray for god’s mercy upon this world may the grace of our lord and savior jesus christ and the future of the holy spirit be with us and prepare us let us repent let’s repent let us repent



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