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Biographisches Evangelium des Herrn von der Zeit an, da Joseph Mariam zu sich nahm. Durch das Innere Wort empfangen von Jakob Lorber. (1843 - 1851) - Jesus selbst erzählt die Weihnachtsgeschichte.

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Jesus reveals the true Christmas Story to Jacob Lorber 1843 - 1851 (The Jacobs Gospel) 

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Die Gesegneten 

Gesegnet sind all Jene, die ihre Häupter gen Himmel richten und ununterbrochen aufschauen in Erwartung des Kommens Des Herrn… Sie werden sicherlich gegangen sein von diesem Ort ..........

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The Blessed 

Blessed are all those who turn their heads to the sky and keep looking up in anticipation of the coming of the Lord ... They will surely have left this place ..........

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Danke - Die Armee Jesu 

Ich verdiene dich nicht Gott
Aber du liebst mich trotzdem weiter.
Oh, du würdest niemals aufhören, mich zu lieben, Gott.....

 Thank you - Jesus Army (Video)

I don't deserve you God
But you still love me further.
Oh, you would never stop loving me, God .....

Der Göttliche Barmherzigkeits-Rosenkranz

Dies ist das Gebet, welches der Vater liebt, dass wir es beten sollen. 

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The Chaplet of divine mercy in song 

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Ein Lied für die Endzeit, in der wir uns befinden.  

Die geistige Kriegsführung - der Herr erklärt die Waffen des Feindes und wie wir siegreich sein können und müssen !!! 

Es ist der Weg des Lichtes, den es mit Entschlossenheit zu gehen gilt, nicht mit dem Schwert, aber mit den Waffen des Geistes, dem zweischneidigen Wort Gottes in Demut und Liebe und im Gehorsam gegenüber dem göttlichen Gesetz und im Hören auf die Stimme des Gewissens, das ist die Stimme Gottes im Geist des Menschen. 

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The second coming on the clouds of Jesus Christ  


Subsidiaris and a surrogat mother

Veröffentlicht am 15.01.2021

 A. M. Hosta 

When I awoke today I heard these words:

"Magdeburg (Subsidiaris - see below).


(Impeachment by 2/3 majority in the US Senate of Pres. Trump for inciting a riot).

They prepare themselves …. now

Your book Prissiil... (sounds like it's being made fun of).

Intersurrogate extract"

I get terribly afraid that they will download my book and abuse it for NWO (New World Religion) and want to stop everything immediately.

I ask Father's forgiveness and ask: What should I do now? And hear:




Shouldn't I rather close the homepage. I'm getting out now. There I turn in the grave, if they take that from me to deceive and enslave the people.


I investigate - what does the word mean: INTERSURROGATEXTRAKT ? and find the following under


Surrogate: using neural networks, surrogate time series are determined and measures of statistical dependencies of the samples of the time series and the samples of the surrogate time series are determined.

Note: This is what Google Analytics does with website data


Surrogate (e.g., for morphine - health).

Surrogate (documentation, communication)

Substitute (climate and environment - e.g., feed biomethane into natural gas grid as a natural gas substitute)

Substitute (disability - beneficiaries: substitute for unemployment, i.e., those unable to work reduce the number of people in the labor force and thus substitute for the number of unemployed)

Surrogate mother

Source: [English] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Surrogacy  

Surrogacy is an arrangement, often supported by a legal agreement, in which a woman (the surrogate) agrees to carry a child to term for another person or persons who will become the child's parents after birth.

People may seek surrogacy when pregnancy is medically impossible, when the pregnancy risks are too dangerous for the intended mother, or when a single man or male couple wants to have a child. Surrogacy is considered one of many assisted reproductive technologies.

Financial compensation may be involved in surrogacy, but it does not have to be. When money is received for the arrangement, it is called commercial surrogacy. The legality and cost of surrogacy vary widely between jurisdictions, sometimes resulting in problematic international or interstate surrogacy arrangements. Couples seeking surrogacy in a country where it is prohibited sometimes travel to a country where it is permitted. In some countries, surrogacy is legal only if no money is exchanged. (See surrogacy laws by country and fertility tourism).

Where commercial surrogacy is legal, couples can enlist the help of third-party agencies to assist in the surrogacy process by finding a surrogate and entering into a surrogacy contract with her. These agencies often review the surrogate's psychological and other medical tests to ensure the best chance of a healthy pregnancy and birth. They also usually facilitate all legal matters involving the intended parents and the surrogate mother.

As a further use of the blastocyst, its transfer into a surrogate animal may be envisaged

In this regard, light extinction has been found to be a better proxy for carbon content than cell count


The State of tax residence of the REPRESENTING MOTHER has not informed the Member State of a SYSTEMIC FAILURE


Furthermore, I also heard the following words a few days ago


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About the word Subsidiaris I found the following:

The SUBSIDIARIS support and aid organization supports the process of building up the church and society in Magdeburg. It is especially connected to the Premonstratensian Order, founded by Norbert of Xanten, Archbishop of Magdeburg in the XIIth century. Century connected.

Link:  https://www.subsidiaris.de/front_content.php?idcat=538    

Subsidiarity (from Latin subsidium 'help', 'reserve') is a maxim that strives for the greatest possible self-determination and responsibility of the individual, family or community, as far as this is possible and reasonable. The principle of subsidiarity consequently states that (higher) state institutions should only (but always) intervene in a regulatory way if the possibilities of the individual, a smaller group or lower hierarchical level alone are not sufficient to solve a certain task.[1] In other words, this means that the level of regulatory competence should always be located "as low as possible and as high as necessary".

The subsidiarity principle is an important concept for federal states such as Germany, Austria, the United States, or Switzerland, as well as for federal associations of states such as the European Union. It is also central to the regulatory concept of the social market economy.

Video:  Subsidiarity principle - basic concepts of economics  (in german)


In the EU, the so-called subsidiarity principle is understood to mean looking for solutions regionally yourself and only turning to the higher level (EU) if you cannot find a solution at the regional level.